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NEXSTEP has been running Experiential Learning Programs in Asia since 2008 and is now creating shareable content around those experiences. Our podcasts are for anyone that is concerned about the future of education and employability.

Students that have participated in the programs share their unique experiences. They contextualize their excitement, stress and growth as they tell the stories of their times in Asia. They learn how to persevere, adapt and mature through the work they do and the social experiences they encounter in environments that are foreign to them in more ways than one.

These are inspirational accounts told by those that went through the experience themselves. A must listen!

globeChang(e) Show

After studying at top international schools abroad, many students leave their home country to study overseas.
Faced with environment, cultural, language and life adjustments, these group of graduates explore topics unique to their experience  family support, life-style changes, competition and benefits of an education abroad.
Every episode provide insights to their journey. The increase of this phenomena calls for our awareness and a listen of their presence.

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