Future leaders, January 6, 2019

Nabila Khokhar – I’m Done Second Guessing :-)


For the 30 minutes or so that I was talking to Nabila Khokhar, I kept forgetting that she was still a student.  Her maturity and self-confidence belied her age and she continuously surprised me with her well considered answers to my questions.

Math is a passion of hers, which is always refreshing for me to hear.  She also impressed me with her desire to get a diploma in Financial Planning that is separate from her degree.  Instead of taking the easy way, she wanted to accomplish more.  That was cool…

Her insights on the Next Step Connections’ Tech Innovation Discovery in Singapore program were very interesting.

She was a bit nervous prior to going on the program, but it was well worth it and gave her a new perspective on the differences between large companies and smaller startups.

One of my favorite things that Nabila said was in reference to the Google office that the group visited, “The innovation…begins at the reception.”



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