globeChang(e), October 19, 2018

Episode 02 – Madison Frye, Brown University – Give Everything a Go At Least Once


For Madison Frye, “moving is the norm”.  She spends a cool half-hour with Michael Waitze discussing her global life journey. Madison has lived in four cities: Montreal, Kobe, Tokyo and Bangkok, where she attended Bangkok Patana School. She is currently studying Biomedical Engineering at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. She finds that when you are always expecting change, the adjustment process becomes easier.

At Brown, with its open curriculum, Madison is able to pursue her many academic interests. She is currently looking to study Biomedical Engineering. Having not taken Physics or Higher Level Math in high school, she fully accepts her under-preparedness. This has not stopped her from taking an active learning approach to succeed in her studies. Madison is also considering a minor in design… She’s decisive on being undecided.

Madison has been fearless in exploring new knowledge and its applications. She has co-founded Kazari, a minimalist apparel startup that uses sustainable materials. She is also applying her biomedical engineering knowledge at Koi Prosthetics to develop low-cost prosthetics for South East Asia. She states confidently, “I don’t like to set a list of no’s, but just give everything a go.” There’s nothing she won’t try, and that is how she takes advantage of all that the world has to offer.

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