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Episode 03 – Varisa Limpijankit, Tufts University – It Was Definitely Overwhelming


Sophomore Varisa Limpijankit reflects on her college application experience and transition to Tufts University. Michael Waitze recalls a few stories of his own. The two sit down together to share common, yet unique experiences.

The college application process brought Varisa’s whole class together. At the International School of Bangkok, those who never talked before helped revise essays and provide emotional support in times of need. She reflects, “we really depended on each other.” Michael shares a small anecdote about his own bumpy SAT day story.

Varisa offers a bit of advice for current applicants: put your health first; applications don’t define who you are, even if it’s difficult in the moment to realize that; “You are so much more than that one acceptance letter.” Know that wherever you go, you’ll thrive.

What about once you get to college? Both agree that it’s important to keep in touch with your core group of friends. Varisa describes how she keeps in contact with her ISB friends, and the Tufts Thai club where she has found a home on foreign soil. Michael shares how a friend drove a long way to meet him, forging a deeper bond between the two. To them, this is how friendships are made to last forever, from high school to college and beyond.

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