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Episode 06 – Tawan Boonsitanon, Michigan State University – I Have a Very Long Plan


Tawan (Chittawan) Boonsitanon is a freshman studying Supply Chain Management at Michigan State University. He shares a few thoughts about his life story, his transition to college, and some well-structured ideas about the future of supply chain management and how new technologies will impact it.

His parents insisted that with life, he was to “make the most of it”. Tawan reflects on how these words, along with their commitment to providing for the best education possible, has shaped who he has become. In eighth grade, he decided to transfer to Concordian International School for the better opportunities available there.  He had felt distracted at his previous school and wanted a fresh start.

The transition to Michigan State has had its ups and downs and that maintaining an open mind is important.  To Tawan, flexibility, adaptability, and self-awareness are even more crucial. Michael jokingly warns, though, that Michigan winters may prove formidable…regardless of how adaptable Tawan is!

Tawan is always thinking ahead, whether about where he will be in ten years, or how supply chain management will evolve. He definitely has a long term plan…

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