globeChang(e), November 13, 2018

Episode 07 – Panuvat Chutichetpong, Harvard University – I’ve Never Seen Snow Before


Panuvat (Todd) Chutichetpong invents at the intersection of disciplines. On this episode of globeChang(e), he shares his path as a researcher and inventor, and the freshman experience at Harvard University.

Todd describes himself as, “a changed person with every new project”. One of his early inventions while a freshman at Ruamrudee International School was an ironing board that recycles waste heat into electricity. Afterwards, he moved on to biotechnology, successfully researching a low-cost test for drug-resistant tuberculosis. Now, he’s jumping into Data Science and the intersection of technology with liberal arts.

He chose Harvard for its unparalleled resources. The coursework is (unsurprisingly) difficult, but the opportunities are immense. He’s already had the amazing opportunity to take his professor out to a restaurant meal paid for by Harvard. Here, he’s really able to explore anything he wants.

Currently, Todd is pursuing Computer Science and Statistics at Harvard University, where he’s also involved in the Harvard Financial Analyst Club and Harvard Data Ventures. We’re excited to see what he does next.

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