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Episode 09 – Kalil Magtoto, University of Waterloo – The Fish That Haven’t Been Caught Yet


Kalil Magtoto is back for another episode! He’s here to expand more on what he’s currently doing at the University of Waterloo and how he has effectively become a ‘student professional’ in the digital arts.

This semester, Kalil is taking a highly interdisciplinary course load with ranging from Computer Science to French. More than that, he’s juggling his role as co-chairman of StarterHacks and host of the podcast, “What’s Up, Waterloo?”. His active, passionate involvement in content production truly cements his identity as the ‘student professional’.

Kalil also talks about being a creative content producer for the Now Creative Group in Toronto. He describes it as, “I get between 75-80% control of the output, which is exactly what I want” As a creative, Kalil turns his visions into genuinely engaging content for all his viewers.

As a podcast host himself, Michael Waitze also has a few insights to contribute. They delve deep into recording equipment and comparing differences in production philosophies. Though in the end, both of them settle on a universal truth: content is king.

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