Featured, Future leaders, October 19, 2019

Paola Jimenez – Persist and You’ll Be a Champion


“My roommate’s cat broke them…” was the answer I got to the first question I asked Paola Jimenez, so I knew this was going to be a great conversation….Paola did not disappoint.

Paola was encouraged to do an internship by her university, but had not considered going abroad to do it until she spoke to one of her friends and then the bug hit.  She was inspired to enhance her personal and professional life by participating in Next Step Connection‘s program  Bangkok, Thailand for her summer internship in 2017.

A university student’s life can sometimes get more complicated than expected.  There are school pressures, social pressures and family pressures…and managing them all requires a lot of focus and energy.  Something as seemingly innocuous as telling one’s parents where your internship is going to be can get stressful.

One of the things to learn is that no individual day is fatal and that you can stress about things that in the end are not a big deal.  Overcoming those fears and persisting can be very important things to learn, indeed.

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