Featured, Future leaders, January 6, 2019

Lauren Guillaume – Once You Experience Someone Else’s Normal


Lauren Guillaume and I had not spoken in almost a year…but it seemed like yesterday for both of us.  During the time she was in Bangkok, participating in the Next Step Connections internship program, Lauren was proactive about meeting with me.  I had given a talk to all the students at the mid-point of their time in Bangkok and told them to use me as a resource if they had any questions.  Lauren and I met twice to discuss the internship experience and the impact it may have on what she did when she returned to the United States.  Catching up on the podcast was great.

During our conversation, Lauren said she has been ‘privileged’ to be able to travel and experience so much via school and it was obvious that she has made the most of those experiences.

For someone who thought she may never leave Austin, travel has become an integral part of her life.  What she has learned from those travels has been invaluable.

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