Future leaders, January 6, 2019

Robert Charlton – It Inspired Me A Lot


Robert Charlton has very good insights.  When you listen to him speak, you can tell that he thinks a lot.  He told me that the study tour he did with Next Step Connections, “…inspired me a lot.”  I could tell from our conversation that he meant it.

He discussed in detail the relevant differences between a startup live Hive Up and a multinational corporation he visited.  He pointed out that the startups seemed more open with information while MNCs seemed more protective.  Another core difference was that startups seemed more likely to experiment and fill market gaps, while large corporations were prone to take less risk and focus on extending existing businesses.

One significant similarity he saw was that regardless of company size…all of the people to whom he spoke were super motivated and “all in” for their job responsibilities.  From that he was truly inspired.



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