Featured, Future leaders, May 23, 2019

Alex Hum – It Felt Cathartic To Me


Alex Hum was born in Vancouver, Canada…but moved to Hong Kong when he was still a baby.  Alex and I had an open and honest conversation about what it really means to be a citizen of the world and a third culture child.

We covered a lot of ground in our conversation.  Alex has had a very interesting set of experiences.  To his peers in Hong Kong, Alex seemed different than they were…maybe a bit too Western.  Yet to his friends in Canada, he was clearly Chinese…and they were probably both correct.

That is the quintessential feeling that results from being multi-cultural.  Where am I from?  Everybody asks, yet I have no good answer.  Where is my home?  Can I even go home?

Alex’s insights were deep and expressed eloquently, yet, in the end, Alex decided NOT to go home…but to pursue his career in London, one of the world’s most international and diverse cities.

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