Featured, Future leaders, October 18, 2019

Wenet Wu – From Fashion to the Supply Chain


Wenet Wu was very insightful.  Early in our conversation she used the word ‘strategic’ when introducing the idea of her internship to me.  After listening to her speak, she does seem like someone that has a strategy.

She had graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering from Texas A & M, yet was interested in fashion.  Searching on the net, she found Next Step Connections’ internship program and they organized an experience for her in Hong Kong with Tory Burch.  Even with family history in Hong Kong (Her parents had immigrated to Dallas, Texas with her grandparents from Hong Kong.) and two prior visits, working there and being a ‘tourist’ were two completely different things.

It was here that Wenet learned about the supply chain, what it is like to work in a different culture and the joys of commuting by train.  Hong Kong was definitely different than Texas, but Wenet embraced these differences and had a great experience.

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